Offer Agreement

The following terms and conditions apply Scientific and Production Limited Liability Company "New Well Operation Technologies" hereinafter referred to as the "Supplier", in the event that the Customer receives the Invoice-Agreement from the Supplier, as well as all of the following terms and conditions constitute the Supply agreement concluded between Supplier and Customer.


The Supplier undertakes to supply the Customer with metal products, other goods and provide services for delivery, assembly, installation, hereinafter referred to as the Goods, in the range, quantity and on the conditions determined by the Invoice-Agreement, and the Customer agrees with all the provisions of this Agreement, undertakes to accept this Goods and pay the amount of money, within the time specified in the invoice-Agreement and on the terms of this Of the Agreement.


2.1. By the conclusion of the Agreement on the part of the Customer, i.e. full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement and all Appendices to it, which are an integral part of the Agreement, in accordance with clause 1 of article 433 and clause 3 of article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the Customer's payment of the full amount of the Invoice-Agreement with by reference to the number of the Invoice-Agreement and within the period specified in this Invoice-Agreement.

2.2. The last valid version of the Agreement and its Appendices is posted on the Supplier's website, namely

2.3. Due to the constant improvement of the technology for providing the service, the Supplier has the right to accordingly change the terms of the Agreement and its Appendices by publishing notifications of such changes on the website at least 10 days before the changes come into force. At the same time, the Supplier guarantees and confirms that this version of the Agreement is valid from the moment of its approval by the Supplier. The date of approval is indicated in the upper right corner of the first page of the Agreement.


3.1. The customer makes 100% prepayment under the Invoice-Agreement by transferring funds to the current account Supplier.

3.2. Changes in the total cost of the Goods or the assortment specified in the Invoice-Agreement are not allowed.

3.3. Delivery time is determined by the Supplier.

3.4. Any changes in the range and cost of the purchased Goods are made by issuing a new Invoice-Agreement and canceling the old one.

3.5. After paying the full cost specified in the Invoice-Agreement, the Customer sends to the accompanying manager Supplier's corresponding payment order, confirming the fact of payment, by fax or in a scanned electronic form, or submit it in original.

3.6. In the text of the payment order, a reference to the Account-Agreement No. is required.

3.7. If the number of the Account-Agreement is not indicated in the text of the payment order, the specified payment is considered unknown payment, and the Supplier's obligation is subject to fulfillment only upon the submission of a corresponding written application (explanation) with original details (signature of an authorized person and the seal of the organization).


4.1. The goods in the warehouse are reserved in assortment and for the entire period specified in the Invoice-Agreement. Timely payment Invoices-Agreements and prompt notification of payment by phone / fax GUARANTEES the availability of the goods in the warehouse. Self-pickup - after the expiration of the specified period in the Invoice-Agreement, it is made by additional agreement with the accompanying manager. The goods are released upon receipt of money by the Supplier. Upon receipt of the Goods, a power of attorney duly issued by the Customer (name, address, telephone number, TIN \ KPP of the buyer) and a passport for the recipient are required.

4.2. The working hours of the respective warehouse of the Supplier are indicated on the website Acceptance of products in terms of quantity, completeness and quality is carried out at the Supplier's warehouse, and upon receipt of goods and services on the spot, upon signing a consignment note and an act of acceptance of services.

4.3. In the event that the Customer does not export the goods within the period specified in the Invoice-Agreement, then he is charged storage cost starting from the 3rd (third) banking day after the period specified in the Invoice-Agreement at the rate of 0.05% of the value of the Invoice-Agreement for each day that the Customer is obliged to pay to the Supplier unconditionally.

4.4. Facsimile or electronic copies of documentation within the framework of the Invoice-Agreement or in connection with it are considered equal to the original up to replacement with the original, provided that the sender's coordinates are visually identified, which coincide with the coordinates of the Buyer specified in the Invoice-Agreement, except for the case described in clause 3.7 .


5.1. The Invoice-Agreement is considered executed if the Customer has made 100% payment for the Goods under this Invoice-Agreement and, upon acceptance, did not present any claims on the quantity or quality of the Goods.

5.2. In all other cases, the Customer is obliged to file a justified complaint (claim) in the name of the Supplier.

5.3. In case of disputable issues, the pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes is mandatory for the parties. If the dispute is not settled in a pre-trial order, the party whose rights have been violated has the right to refer the dispute to a court in accordance with the jurisdiction established by the current legislation. "

5.4. In matters not regulated by the Account-Agreement and this agreement, the parties are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


6.1. The entire Product has a warranty period of 1 (one) year from the date of sale, subject to the requirements on transportation, storage, installation and operation of products.

6.2. All regulatory information on the installation and operation of the Product, as well as product data sheets are presented on the website