Manual food guillotine with adjustable knife

Guillotine for cutting food products: meat, meat with bones, poultry, cheeses, vegetables, etc. Smooth cut, compactness and light weight, hand feed. Ideal for restaurants, food service outlets, shops, supermarkets and home cooking.
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A guillotine for cutting food products saves time and easily prepares semi-finished meats, cheeses and other products for further use in the kitchen. A convenient and simple tool, it allows you to cut into pieces of the desired shape and size incredibly quickly and easily.

The construction is made of stainless steel. This guarantees the strength and reliability of the mechanism, its resistance to high loads and the development of corrosion. Rubberized feet are provided for stability. The main weapon of the guillotine is a knife made of tool alloy steel, the blade of which will remain sharp for a long time. The guillotine knife consists of two parts: a thick cut knife and a fine cut knife, which allows you to handle all kinds of products. The knife length is 305 mm. Cutting is done manually. If it is necessary to obtain identical pieces of cut products, a special adjustable bracket is provided that regulates the thickness of the cut pieces and stops for feeding and holding the required width of the cut pieces. The handle of the guillotine lever is made of an ergonomic shape of aluminum; it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand so that your hand does not get tired of long and productive work.

Ideal for placing in restaurants, supermarkets, catering establishments, grocery stores and markets, in home cooking.

Instructions PDF, 2,83 Mb
Knife blade length, mm 305
knife blade material Tool alloy steel
Country of manufacture Russia
Manufacturer NPO NTES LLC
Body material Stainless steel

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